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In 2007 Leon and Elana Le Grange left their managerial positions in the corporate world and took the plunge to start their own business in the timber Industry, a field of which they had very limited knowledge and no experience. Today, 10 years down the road, they are the proud owners of a well-established Timber Business in the Overberg.

They identified and secured contracts with farms in the area that were overgrown with alien “Pinus Pinaster” Pine trees, purchased an old truck, tractor and Bell Logger machine and were in business!

After securing the timber, they sourced buyers for saw logs and started harvesting. Their guts and determination overshadowed their limited knowledge of the harvesting timber but they kept the company afloat by working long hours and investing every little profit they made back into the company.
In 2008 they decided to diversify when they bought a mini sawmill and started manufacturing value added products such as sawn timber for the pallet manufacturing market. Continuing this trend in 2009 they manufactured their first Wendy Houses and the rest was history.

The business was not without its hardships. The un-pruned alien pine poles, very hard and not growing straight, made it very difficult to de-bark cost effectively and were a strain on normal debarking machines and very labour intensive. It was through trial and error, making mistakes and changes and importing machines for fencing poles, structural poles and droppers were manufactured and in 2010 treated according to the coveted SABS standards.

A milestone was the opening of the first Pole Depot for distribution purposes in Bredasdorp in 2011 and following with another depot in Hermanus in 2013.
Their concern for the area and their desire to create a lasting legacy have prompted them to initiate and partake in several alien clearing projects in the Overberg district, such as rehabilitating Fynbos in biodiversity areas.

Fynbos Logging have created jobs for more than 70 employees from Bredasdorp and Elim, an area well known for it’s a high unemployment rate.
From the humble beginnings of old logging equipment, they now own a fleet of loggers and crane trucks and run a full-on sawmill and pole peeling plant. Partner clients are from all over the Overstand and Overberg and include Agricultural Co-Operations, Municipalities and construction companies, to name a few.

In line with the global concern towards a cleaner, greener environment, their latest venture is the manufacturing of fine sawdust from logging and sawmill waste to feed boilers thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Fynbos Logging is a truly family operated company with son, Rudi as Operational Manager and daughter Leani as Marketing and Sales Manager joining forces with their parents.

Leon and Elana consider it a blessing to be working together as a family, savouring the sweet taste of success achieved through hard work and perseverance thus making the job much easier with no shortage of backup skills and the trustworthiness only family values can create.

Leon and Elana’s company motto has never changed from 2007 to 2017:

"To assure our valued customers of their professional service, delivering quality products on time"


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